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Marco Tsai

Taipei Fashion Week Backstage Coordination / Golden Horse and Golden Bell Golden Melody Costume Design / GQ Magazine Style / Fashion Boutique Show / FHM Annual Show Backstage Coordination and Overall Design / Gucci Feminine Feature Filming / Ecco Presentation / TV Shows / Magazine Shooting / Campus Lectures / Video game costume design / idol drama / movie / press conference / commercial brand image design / record album / personal image / special effects makeup / concert / event / costume catalog / teaching lecture... etc.

GoodTV Fashion Stylist for Ten Years-True Love Blog (Finalist by Admiralty) / Turn around and find love (hosted by Admiralty)

People) / Happiness is knocking on the door / The soul does not close... Wait for the show costume style

2021AW Taipei Fashion Week -Fashion Week blockbuster shooting (makeup and hair)

-Backstage makeup coordinator at the press conference before the show

-Backstage makeup and hair coordinator of the sustainable fashion show (artist/chief officer/KOL group)

2020SS Taipei Fashion Week -Press Conference Backstage Makeup and Hair Coordination

-The Minister of Economy (Minister Wang Meihua) makeup and hair on the opening night

-10/9 ``Digital Mystery'' backstage makeup coordinator

-10/10 ``Original Intuition'' Backstage Makeup Coordination

2020 Golden Melody Awards 31 Opening Concert Costume Model -Luo Wenyu

2020 Luo Wenyu Album (Three Finalists of 32 Golden Songs of Hakka Songs)

-When the sun rises-Album and MV look (Southern car / brother's guitar / your name is like

A poem)-Luo Wenyu and Peng Jiahui MV modeling

2020 GQ (China) Cover Character of the Year -Luo Yijun-Makeup and Hair

2020 Watch My Face True Colors World Famous Painting Masks Catwalk Press Conference -Coordination (Makeup/Hair/Clothing/Show Director)

2018 Admiralty shortlisted music program -Loud MY guest style costume modeling

Love to travel Taiwan's first season clothing style
Golden Horse/Admiralty Review Red Carpet Costume Design
Styling Director of Boutique / Jewelry Presentation

FHM Super Girl Annual Show Design Director
Ecco 2015 autumn and winter conference styling director
Overall styling director of Gucci Chime for Change magazine
Taiwan Tayler magazine special clothing styling

Revolution magazine special clothing styling

Advertising/Movie/Idol Drama/Record/Press Conference Styling Director Idol Drama -Recruit Diary Makeup Artist

-I rented a lover
DS-Wedding high-order wedding image catalog shooting
PTS- 20th Anniversary Party Costume Modeling
-Director of Design of Musical DO RE MI

Video Game -Wolong, Character Costume and Overall Model Design Director

-Fantasy Chronicle, Director of Character Costume and Overall Model Design

Movie -Army Dog Dresser

-Darknet title costumer
Malaysia Album - Athena Ma Jiaxuan Album Style Director

-Precios Girl Group Album Style Director
Campus Sharing Lecture -Shih Hsin University Teachers Sharing Lecture 2014-2016
- Shude University of Science and Technology Film and Television Special Effects Work Camp and Career Planning Sharing Lecture and Graduation Exhibition Review

- Huaxia University of Science and Technology Campus Sharing Lecture

Tianyun stage costume design

Family Shopping Fashion Model

MV /CF...The family is too complicated to be uploaded .

Cooperative celebrities/artists:
Sun Yi/ Anna Hu/ Gao Yiping/ Xia Jialu/ Li Jingyu/ Li Jingjing// Wang Yali/ Dong Xiaohui/ Chen Xiangqi/ AKEMI/ He Rong/ Guo Ziqian/ Tang Congsheng/ Yao Daiwei/ Tai Zhengxiao/ Xi En... Waiting for hundreds of celebrities at home and abroad... .... The family is too complicated to be uploaded.


Key Makeup Leader

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